Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Waiting is Over

It's time for the talking to end and the action to begin. Are the Aussies rattled? Is the England camp really as composed as it seems? Which players will be awake all night, ithcing for the action to begin and relishing the chance to create their own little piece of history? And which ones will have a sleepless night because they secretly doubt themselves on this, the biggest of stages?

For those of us observing this is a moment to savour. A moment to dare to dream. With the action yet to begin, anything is possible. Harsh reality has yet to be encountered; it's not time to wake up and smell the coffee just yet. The unlikliest of scenarios can run free through our minds. Unrealistic sure...but what if...what if...?

The beauty of a 5-day test match is that the possibilities are endless and the potential for fluctuating fortunes so much greater. Maybe England could be dead and buried after the first day and then suddenly find the reserves to surge back into the game. Who doesn't prefer a Rocky/ Botham-like comeback to a routine victory? Surviving a count to 9, dragging oneself from the canvas, defying the odds, coming back from the dead then fighting back, launching the counter-attack, going on the offensive, landing the sucker punch.

Maybe not so good for the old ticker. Let's just settle for a win...however it comes...

...yes a rare victory in Brisbane could be achieved, Strauss will lead authoritively from the front with a commanding century, KP will launch into debutant spinner Doherty, thrilling the the crowd with a run-a-ball hundred of his own, Bell will drive and cut majestically, Anderson will turn it round corners, Broad will tear into the top order, Swann will clean bowl Ponting with a vicious, spinning, ripper of a delivery. The Aussies will be on the back-foot going to Adelaide and we will have a series on our hands.

Shame it's got to start really isn't it?

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  1. Graham, I hope you enjoyed the first Test but where's your analysis and comment? Have been looking forward to it since last week.
    Great blog once more, can't wait for the rest...